Vastu Sastra is an ancient, Indian discipline of making the architecture of buildings as per the laws of nature and elements.


Arihanth Rajesh

Mr. Arihanth Rajesh is the founder and director of Options Mart with 9 plus years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Signaturology, Geo Biology, Research, Professional Trainings, and other  sciences. He is a renowned and well-known exp-ert across the globe and has command over architecture and the Indian ancient science of Vaastu. He is adept in providing Vastu recommendations to homes, indu-stries, offices, commercial places, residential areas, hospitals, clinics, factories, buildings, apartments, etc. As an eminent Vastu consultant, Mr. Arihanth Rajesh is proficient in understanding earth energies and provides expertise suggestions to the clients to lead a happy and healthy life.  He delivers effective solutions without any demolitions and these solutions portray his extensive knowledge and exper-ience in the field. He proficiently adapts the ancient Vedic and Vastu principles to the modern dwellings and suggests changes that do need major alterations to your places. He is an expert in advising colors and woodwork to your places that rectify the defects present in the interiors. Mr. Arihanth Rajesh earned his brand name as an authority figure in Numerology and his astonishing experience impacted the lives of many. His suggestions in Numerology create a positive attitude and change the vibrations around you.


Options Mart

Options Mart provides consultancy for Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Geo biology, Signaturology, and many other training and remedies to clients across the world. We are scientific environment consultants and experts in traditional Indian architecture. Options Mart conducts scientific and logical studies on historical scriptures and offers various new ways and solutions in the fields of Vastu Shastra and Numerology. Our Leader Mr. Arihanth Rajesh is known as a well-trained numerologist and Vastu consultant and has extensive experience in the field. For example,  If your living place or office distorts the natural resonance of the earth, it creates an adverse effect on your health and on your lifestyle. This is due to Geopathic stress and we offer remedies that help you to overcome Geopathic stress. In a similar way, we offer various kinds of solutions to people who are facing Vastu and Numerology issues in their personal life and in Career. 


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Options Mart provides perfect solutions that will help to maintain good health and energetic equilibrium. We understand and analyze solutions to the problems that you face in your home, office, flat, factory, industry, commercial complexes, etc. Our suggestions and solutions are extremely effective as we use accurate measuring tools. 

Vastu Sastra

Options Mart provides detailed analysis and consultation on Vastu for your house, resi- dential plot, building, factory, office etc. Our team assists you with in-depth vastu advice and check for directional, panchabhoota and mandala alignments. Depending upon your requirements and budget we offer various solutions that can add value to your places.


Numerology gives an indication of life purpose and also it indicates what challenges and obstacles will come into play throughout life. Options Mart helps to create positive energy and finds appropriate solutions to promote excelle-nce in professional and personal life. We help people with all the needed suggestions and changes according to numerology and it will wipe out all the negative energies.

Geo Biology

Geo-Biological corrections support the enha-nced vastu of your buildings and offer you a better solution to the challenges in your life. Options Mart helps you with a scientific and holistic approach to set the defects and drives you to lead a successful life with growth and prosperity. We suggest and help you with the corrections of your houses, farms, open land, offices and many more.


Signaturology is a science that identifies how a person wants to portrait himself to society.Options Mart offers you the first step of rectifying all problems of your life with pen and paper with signaturology. We help you with a newly desig-ned signature that will remediate all your issu-es regarding jobs, career, business, health, relationships etc.


We are offering training to people in different fields adhering to Indian traditional architectural ethos and modern scientific principles. Through our training, we offer adequate knowledge and new techniques to learners that are related to Vastu Shastra, Bioenergetics, Numerology and in other allied subjects.


Our trained experts from Options Mart will help to create positive energy in your surroundings thro-ugh remedies. We are the best consultants in the city offering corrective methods and remedies for various problems related to your health, well-being, property etc. Get in touch with us to lead a peaceful and successful life.


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The Mystic Indian Science of Architecture known as Vastu Shastra helps you eliminate negative and enhance positive energies in your home. There are some very effective Vastu principles if applied correctly will help you uplift your career like you have never thought before


Vastu, the Scientific Concept of Inherent Energy will help your Career fly and gain Success without obstructions.


Achieve the maximum position in Education and Vastu Sastra paves the ultimate path for your future.


Vastu Sastra can make your life better and helps to keep happiness and stability in your relationship.


Vastu Sastra outlines the best possible ways and solutions for bringing maximum success in business.


Vastu Shastra comes up with a wide range of tips that help a person earn money and grab opportunities.


Improve your well-being and health with Vastu and it will also help you to reduce negativity in your place.



We accompany patients on their journey to recovery. Take a look at some of our recent works.



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Options Mart is the perfect choice for people who are striving hard to lead a happy and successful life. Their suggestions and expertise remedies work like magic in people’s lives and will help individuals to reach heights of success.


Options Mart consultancy is excellent and they iterate curative remedies for various problems in life. Their suggestions and advice have reported excellent results and helped us to grow in our business.

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