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What is Water witching

Water Witching is  a practice of using a forked stick, rod, pendulum or  other devices to locate groundwater, minerals, buried metals, ores, gemstones, oil and other substances. Water witching is also referred to as water dowser, divining and doodlebugging. Dowsers generally use this method in rural and urban areas to locate the underground water sources as other techniques cost high. So, if you’re in search of a borewell point checking machine or borewell point detection, reach us immediately to get immediate solutions for your problems. In this method, a person walks on the surface of the property with a forked stick, L rods, pendulum and other tools to locate the exact water point. The end of the stick rotates or is attracted downwards, if there is a water point below. Thus the person gets to know the exact location with the help of other measuring tools.

Why Options Mart

Your search for borewell point identification or geologist borewell point ends here. OptionsMart helps you in finding out the accurate and exact position of water points in your place. We have been offering this service for years and have achieved high results of success. OptionsMart with the help of Vastu is here to advise and help you out with this scientific method which is more cost effective than other techniques.

Solutions We Provided

OptionsMart guides you in determining the exact location of water resources in your place and we offer accurate and error-free results.


I have approached Options Mart for finding the exact water point in my place and I was about to construct a new house. The result was quite accurate and it was also cost effective for me. Thanks for helping me out.


I was about to construct a new house and I got to know about Options Mart regarding their water witching services. I contacted them and they helped me to locate the exact water point. Excellent services and very happy to work with them.


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