People who wants to start the career in Vastu.Who Wants to Enhance their skills in Vastu with advanced Techniques.Who Wants to get intense knowledge in scientific things.Who wants to Know more on Earth Energies.Housewives, Retired Employees, Students anyone who is interested and have the zeal to learn about Vastu, Energies and its hidden secrets.

  • Basic & Advanced Concepts of Lecher Antenna
  • Vedic Vastu Importance
  • Scientific Vastu Importance in Present Life
  • Geo-Biology Concepts
  • Human Energy Systems, Chakras and Aura
  • Vastu in Ayurveda
  • Tridosha (Vat, Pit, Kaph) • Health Vastu
  • Layout Vastu, Structure Vastu and Energy Vastu
  • Advanced Remedy Concepts (Different Methods and Styles) • Vastu Without Demolition
  • Compass Handling
  • Measuring and Plan Preparation
  • Objects Impact in our House and Life, Remedies
  • Daily Practical Cases & Group Discussions
  • Daily 1 Hour Doubts Clarification Session
  • Daily Meditation with Chakra Balancing techniques


I have been learning Vastu and other related training in Options Mart for a while. It is a very good experience and the best place to learn. I sincerely thank the training staff for the services they are providing.


I am very interested in the study of Vastu and I have joined Options Mart training to learn new things. The training is excellent as they provide practical sessions too. Good and interesting classes.


Students Feedback

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