The Journey to Vastu World, The Authentic Traditional and Scientific Vastu Training by Options Mart. This Course is for Who would like to start their career in Vastu as a Professional consultant and also Those are already practicing and would like to learn different combinations of Techniques.

  • Learn easy-to-do, Options Mart Method and achieve the results you want without demolition.
  • Learn and Master the art of balancing your home and office to lead the life full of health, wealth & happiness.
  • Understanding the impact of your home and work place on your life and subconscious mind.
  • Learn the systematic problem-solving method with accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem first.
  • Start giving accurate reasons along with Remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
  • Learn how to activate the space around you to get the results you want.
  • Get the hands-on practice of real time problem solving through complex case studies.
  • History of Vastu & Vastu Purusha
  • Vedic Vastu
  • Scientific Vastu
  • Dowsing Tool
  • Geo Biology Understanding the Mother Earth
  • Human Energy Systems, Chakras and Aura
  • 5 Elements Theory
  • 8 and 16 Directions in Vastu
  • 5 Elements Balancing
  • 32 Entrances effects in Vastu
  • 45 Devatas Attributes in Vastu Purusha Mandal
  • Learn how to implement Vastu remedies.
  • Learn how to open virtual entry.
  • Working Deeply with Devatas
  • Tridosha in Vastu
  • Health Vastu
  • Layout Vastu, Structure Vastu and Energy Vastu
  • Vastu Measuring Chart
  • Advanced Remedy Concepts (Different Methods and Styles)
  • Tridosha (Vatt, Pitt, Kaph)
  • Objects Impact in our House and Life, Remedies
  • Group Discussions
  • Compass Handling
  • Measuring and Preparing Plans in Graph
  • Live Vastu Practicals
  • 10 Case Studies

You get

5 Days Food and Twin Sharing Accommodation, Lecture & Training Kit worth 15000/-, Certificate, Practical site experience, WhatsApp Support
Course Fee: 50000/-
Duration: 5 Day Residential Training