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Vastu Shastra course will help you to step into Occult Sciences and start Vastu Shastra as a Profession. This vastu course is led by Rajesh Kumar, Founder of Options Mart, who enables you to step-by-step learn how to deal with Vastu to create a perfect environment in your home and balance planetary forces in Vastu Zones. This Vastu training Course will start from Zero to Expert level.  In this course You will learn Different sorts of Remedy Techniques. Our vastu shastra course online or vastu online will help you to learn on 4. 8 and 16 Directions Concepts.

  • Basic Vastu
  • Vedic Vastu
  • Scientific Vastu
  • Advanced Vastu
  • Human Energy System
  • 5 Elements Theory
  • 4 and 8 Directions in Vastu
  • 16 Directions in Vastu
  • 32 Entrances & Effects
  • Vastu Bar Chart
  • 45 Devatas Mandala
  • Remedies
  • Case Studies


I was very interested in learning Vastu Sastra and I have joined Options Mart training. The empathy and warmth of the teachers helped to gain knowledge in the subject and move towards my growth.


The courses are very flexible and the training is excellent in its ways. Vastu Sastra is one of the favorite topics to learn and I have gained enough knowledge through their training. Thanks for helping. 


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