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About Training

We are offering Professional training to people in different fields adhering to Indian traditional architectural ethos and modern scientific principles. Through our training, we offer adequate knowledge and new techniques to learners that are related to Vastu Shastra, Bioenergetics, Numerology, and other allied subjects.


Mr. Arihanth Rajesh is the founder and director of Options Mart with 9 plus years of experience in Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Signaturology, Gio Biology, Research, Professional Trainings and other Occult sciences. He is a renowned and well-known expert across the globe and has command over architecture and the Indian ancient science of Vastu. He is adept in providing Vastu recommendations to homes, industries, offices, commercial places, residential areas, hospitals, clinics, factories, buildings, apartments, etc.


Vastu Yatra

Course Duration: 4 day Residential
Course Fee: 46000
Starting Date: 28 June 2021 
Eligibility: zeal to learn Scientific Vastu with Lecher Antenna
Mode of Course: Online / Offline offline

Aura Scanner

Course Duration: 1 day
Course Fee: Rs.19000 INR
Eligibility: Zeal to learn Aura Scanner Dowsing tool
Mode of Course: Online / Offline


Course Duration:  1 day
Course Fee: Rs.15000 INR
Eligibility: Zeal to learn Lecher Antenna 
Mode of Course: Online / Offline

Professional Vastu Course

Course Duration:  4 Days
Course Fee: Rs.15000 INR
Eligibility: Zeal to learn Vastu Basic and concepts 
Mode of Course: Online 

Professional Numerology

Course Duration: 1 month , weekly 4 sessions
Course Fee: Rs.23000 INR
Eligibility: Zeal to learn
Numerology and Become
Professional Numerologist 
Mode of Course: Online 


Course Duration: 3 days
Course Fee: Rs.2516 INR
Starting Date: 28th, 29th, 30th June 2021
Eligibility: Zeal to learn Predicting a person with Signature 
Mode of Course: Online 

Happy Students

I have undergone training under the OptionsMart team and Mr. Rajesh. And I have never seen such a personal and nice approach. I am grateful to Fate for making me meet such lovely people and earn knowledge.


I started learning and attended the training of OptionsMart. All the courses were flexible and comprehensive. Their way of teaching was excellent and they make us understand the topics in a detailed way. Thanks for the help.


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