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Signature reveals personality. This course is ideal for you if you wish to learn how to know a person’s personality from handwriting and Signature. You may learn this as a hobby or for professional application. This course is good for beginners. If you are interested in knowing personality, behaviour, way of thinking or mindset of a person from his/her handwriting, this course is for you. You may be a psychologist, counsellor, coach, mentor, trainer, teacher or a therapist wanting to know what goes on in the mind of your client, patient or student; or you may be an investigator wanting know what is the suspect thinking; or a, businessman or a salesperson wanting to know his customer or a team leader or a recruiter wanting to know your team members or candidates. For any reason, if you can work better by knowing people better, this course is for you. Many participants of this course in the past have taken this course to pursue their hobby and interest in knowing people. This course is not for you if you are looking for diagnosing illnesses or predicting future of a person.

  • Basic Graphology
  • Individual alphabets & structure
  • Sounds while Signing
  • Look of Signature
  • Clarity, Readability and Perfectness
  • Continuity, Connectivity, Breaks & Overlapping Signatures
  • Base Line in Signature
  • Shapes of Signature
  • Slants and types of Slants
  • Zones in Signature
  • Connecting Strokes
  • Shades in Signature
  • Coverings in Signature
  • Underline/ Underscoring
  • Dots in Signature
  • Surname in Signature
  • Does Size, Height, Width and Length matters in the Signature
  • What does First Letter Indicates?
  • What does Last Letter Indicates?
  • Case Studies of Signature.
  • Guidance for your Signature.


I have learned Signatuology pieces of training under Mr. Rajesh Garu and he is excellent in his way. He understands and teaching according to student’s requirements. Thank you OptionsMart for encouraging us.


Signaturology is very interesting and I have been learning this course under Options Mart. The training is good and flexible enough. Thanks.


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Signaturology is a science that identifies how a person wants to portrait himself to society. Options Mart offers you the first step of rectifying all problems of your life with pen and paper with Signaturology. We help you with a newly designed signature that will remediate all your issues regarding jobs, career, business, health, relationships etc.


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