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Vastu is defined as a kind of energy at your place that needs due care and attention. Your current home or workspace has a direct impact on your energetic welling. Corrections in Vastu can bring positive energy and it is much needed as negative energies can bring negative aspects, violence, and financial loss in lives. Options Mart offers a scientific process to get a rejuvenating experience of your home or workplace and evaluate the good or bad energies. We analyze your spaces and suggest the right remedies.  We provide Vastu corrections to any of your spaces like offices, farms, resorts, houses, real-estate lands, commercial buildings, etc. We offer Vastu suggestions to any kind of land ranging from 50 Sq Ft land to few acres.


Numerology is a science of numbers and each number has its own significance. It deals with the combination of numbers that represent the hidden characteristics of a person based on his/her Date of birth. So for good fortune, there should be compatibility between the name and date of birth of a person. Thus, Numerology plays a vital role in determining our lives. Options Mart uses the ancient science of numerology to improve the situations of our lives and to yield better results.  We provide numerology predictions and solutions to people facing issues in business, relationships, marriages, etc. Our founder Mr. Arihant Rajesh is one of the best numerologists and suggests name corrections that bring new vibes to our career and drive you towards positive energies.

Geo Biology

Geo biology is defined as Earth’s power to influence the living bodies and this influence leads to geopathic stress. This stress is the earth’s vibrations that rise up through the earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean water, underground cavities, etc. This creates negative energy and weakens the immune system of human beings leading to illnesses such as insomnia, depression, allergies, exhaustion, etc. In fact, there is a relationship between body and space. The changes in space proportionally affect our life, health, relationships, finances, etc. So, rectifying or identifying the geopathic stress is very important because growth and health are hindered if negative energies are present in your places.


Signaturology deals with analyzing an individual’s nature, character, personality, relationship, and approach through signature. It is a science that identifies how a person wants to see himself in the future and in society through signature. A signature determines a person’s luck and letters in the signature can decide fate if used properly. So, it is much needed to correct the placement of letters in the signature as evil thoughts will be replaced with good vibes. Options Mart helps you to improve your situations and lifestyle. Corrections in the signature are done within 20-25 days and we stand by you until everything gets into proper shape. Options Mart thus helps you remediate all the issues related to jobs, career, business, health, relationships, marriage, etc. 

Water Witching

Water witching is  a practice of using a forked stick, rod, pendulum or  other devices to locate groundwater, minerals, buried metals, ores, gemstones, oil and other substances. Water witching is also referred to as Dowing, divining and doodlebugging. Dowsers generally use this method in rural and urban areas to locate the underground water sources as other techniques cost high. In this method, a person walks on the surface of the property with a forked stick, L rods, pendulum and other tools to locate the exact water point. The end of the stick rotates or is attracted downwards, if there is water point below. Thus the person gets to know the exact location with the help of other measuring tools.

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