What is Numerology

“Our objective is to spread happiness and we are here to guide towards the right path”
Numerology is a science of numbers and each number has its own significance. It deals with the combination of numbers that represent the hidden characteristics of a person based on his/her Date of birth. So for good fortune, there should be compatibility between the name and date of birth of a person. Thus, Numerology plays a vital role in determining our lives. 
OptionsMart uses the ancient science of numerology to improve the situations of our lives and to yield better results.  We provide numerology predictions and solutions to people facing issues in business, relationships, marriages, etc. Our founder Mr. Arihant Rajesh is one of the best numerologists and suggests name corrections that bring new vibes to our career and drive you towards positive energies.  We even help you to select the best name or suggest name corrections for your newborn babies, firms, products, companies, partnership businesses, movies, song release dates, etc. Colour, logo, and design suggestions are also provided to achieve goals in your business.

Why Options Mart

Options Mart offers a scientific process to get a rejuvenating experience of your home or workplace and evaluate the good or bad energies. We analyze your spaces and suggest the right remedies. The use of crystals, pyramids, golden ratio products, yantras, metal rods, metal strips, sacred geometric products, essential oils, etc., and many other remedies that can correct the defects without any demolitions to your existing structures. These kinds of recommendations are cost-effective and help you to lead a successful and happy life.

Solutions We Provided

 Remedies such as color suggestions, number corrections are given and it varies from case to case.


Thank You so much for the suggestions in my name according to Numerology. This helped me to prosper in my business and now I am happy in my marriage life too. Thanks for the support.


Corrections in my life lead to a noticeable remark in my life. My name was corrected according to my Date of Birth. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and a special thanks to Rajesh Garu.


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