• Geobiology and geopathic
  • What is Lecher antenna and how it works?
  • Handling of Lecher Antenna
  • know what energies cause geopathic stress which have undesirable effects to human and animal health
  • know at what settings on the Lecher antenna the energies causing geopathic stress can be measured and how to measure them
  • how to measure the energies in your home, Plot and Factories
  • how to improve your health and well-being
  • how to improve and to enhance the energetic quality of your office and rooms in your home place
  • how to look for water (to dig a well on your land or look for water in the desert)
  • Remedies

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Lecher Antenna, Lecture, Training Material, Certificate, WhatsApp Support
Course Fee: 15001/-
Duration: 1 Day