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What is Geo Biology

“We aim to create best architecture plan and designs your houses or workplaces that  reduces Geopathic stress” 

Geo biology is defined as Earth’s power to influence the living bodies and this influence leads to geopathic stress. This stress is the earth’s vibrations that rise up through the earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean water, underground cavities, etc. This creates negative energy and weakens the immune system of human beings leading to geopathic stress symptoms such as insomnia, depression, allergies, exhaustion, etc.

In fact, there is a relationship between body and space. The changes in space proportionally affect our life, health, relationships, finances, etc. So, rectifying or identifying the geopathic stress and geopathic stress zones are very important because growth and health are hindered if negative energies are present in your places.

Why Options Mart

Options Mart offers geopathic stress solutions i.e., scientific processes to get a rejuvenating experience of your home or workplace and evaluate the good or bad energies. We analyze your spaces and suggest the right remedies. The use of crystals, pyramids, golden ratio products, yantras, metal rods, metal strips, sacred geometric products, essential oils, etc., and many other remedies that can correct the defects without any demolitions to your existing structures. These kinds of recommendations are cost-effective and help you to lead a successful and happy life.

Solutions We Provided

OptionsMart evaluates geopathic stress remedies and suggests ways to lead a happy life with scientific analyzing tools. Geopathic stress Remedies such as crystals, pyramids, sacred geometric products, golden ratio products are used to create harmonious spaces for living. The solutions to the defects will help to maintain good health and energetic equilibrium. We offer geopathic consultancy for open lands, construction sites, houses, offices, temples, complexes, etc.


For the past few months, I was unable to concentrate on my personal and professional life. Then, i approached Options Mart and their suggestions and feedback helped me come out of stress and lead a peaceful life.


After completing my graduation, I appeared for many entrance tests and interviews but I could not crack any of it due to stress. Then a close friend of mine suggested me to OptionsMart and their remedies helped to secure a job and now I am able to lead a happy life.



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