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We believe a happy family is a happy life. And OptionsMart is here to help you  create a prosperous and happy life for everyone. Know us more !!

About Options Mart

Options Mart provides consultancy for Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Geo biology, Signaturology, and many other trainings and remedies to clients across the world. We are scientific environment consultants and experts in traditional Indian architecture. Options Mart conducts scientific and logical studies on historical scriptures and offers various new ways and solutions in the fields of Vastu Shastra and Numerology.

Our Leader Mr. Arihanth Rajesh is known as a well-trained numerologist and Vastu consultant and has extensive experience in the field. For example, If your living place or office distorts the natural resonance of the earth, it creates an adverse effect on your health and on your lifestyle. This is due to Geopathic stress and we offer remedies that help you to overcome Geopathic stress. In a similar way, we offer various kinds of solutions to people who are facing Vastu and Numerology issues in their personal life and in Career.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Vastu Sastra and help individuals to lead happy and successful lives. We help you to improve situations and earn better results for your efforts and manifest your desires. We offer effective Vastu without any demolitions and other related remedies to attract more money, happiness, and growth in your life.

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