DATE : 23-4-2021 TO 26-4-2021


People who are Experienced, Who Would like to start their career in Vastu or Occult Sciences , Retired Employees or Housewives anyone can join the course who has the zeal to explore the beautiful science behind Vastu.

  • Lecher Antenna (Basic & Advanced)
  • Geo Biology Concepts
  • Ayurveda in Vastu
  • Vedic Vastu Concepts
  • Scientific Vastu
  • Advanced Remedies
  • 1 Practical Site Experience
  • and Many More…

Student Testimonials about Our Courses

This is something innovative by Arihanth rajesh master.. Very welcoming and trust Worthy person when it's come for professional.. He is having very good scientific remedies without demolishing any thing.. It is new style of approach whomsoever needed will be benefited nicely.. Thank you so much for your kindness
Vastu & Geo Expert
I have gone through their 4 Days Advance Vastu course and it help me lot. They are providing real and true value of Vastu. Mr. Arihanth Rajesh having depth knowledge about Vastu and he explained every points in scientific way... There are lot of fraud Vastu consultant are in market and social media like YouTube and Facebook. They charge lot for Vastu training but not giving real knowledge to students.I paid some fraude consultant...I have their all details hence requesting all don't run here and there just be calm and learn real Vastu from options mart vastu....they are excellent in teaching and guiding....they are not running behind money they always focus on Vastu knowledge...all the best.
IT Employee
I did Arihanth Rajesh gurus Vastu Basic , Advance & Signaturology course , his way of teaching is amazing , perfect & his technique of making us write and remembering thru sub-conscious mind is just wow. His response to every question is just perfect , immediate . Thank you. Wishing you Most & More.....
Kapil KUMAR BiSSani
Vastu Consultant
This is about training results.I am suffering low back pain and using Ayurveda medicine.After attending Arihanth Rajesh Sir training I learned breathing exercise with "Lum" sound would help me for activating ROOT CHAKRA. As per Sir advise post training I started doing the same. It has been 7 days since I started and I am experiencing fantastic results and feeling no pain while sitting in office for hours also. It is strengthening spine muscles and giving so much confidence. I i using Ayurveda and replaced with Homeopathy just to avoid in future safer side. So do this if you have or help your friends and relatives especially your parents and grandparents etc., Thanks to our Rishis for giving it in Vedas and BIG thanks to Arihanth Rajesh SIR for teaching this.
parasuram mainam
IT Employee

Topics to be covered

Lecher Antenna Scientific Tool: Unique Course of Options Mart about Geo Biology. Understanding the Mother Earth, understanding different energies by using Lecher Antenna. Lecher Antenna is an instrument that diagnoses subtle energies through wavelengths. It works on Resonance. It is based on Nano technology which is used in atom level. It can detect energies and aggressions in environmental, architectural, and in human energy system. It is Powerful Tool for architects, Interior Designers, Vastu consultants, Civil Engineers, Bio environmentalists, Medical Practitioner, etc. The Lecher Antenna measures the energy fields surrounding the physical body and can be used for many purposes – healing, Vastu, Health related etc.

Ayurveda in Vastu: Introduction to Ayurveda, Tridosha Effects (Vaat, Pitt, Kaph) Major Relationship With Vastu and Health

Vedic Vastu: Land Selection as per Vastu, Heights, slopes, Weights in Land and Buildings, Understanding the Pancha Mahabhutas and Understading the effects of Bore wells, Septick Tanks, Toilets, Over Head Tanks, Entrances etc.

Geo Biology:  Geopathic Stress as the study of earth energies and their effect on human health. There are various types of earth energies, some very beneficient for human health, and some detrimental.It is important to understand that none of the earth energies we are dealing with are dangerous or malevolent, there is no need for fear.

Scientific Vastu: A new way of understanding the Earth and Building energies and balancing them without demolition with simple techniques. 

Practicals: One practical Site Experience along with Daily 1 Hour Practicals.  

Doubts clarification: Daily One Hour dedicated for doubts clarifications after the regular classs. 

Training Format

  • 4 Day Resedential Training Programme
  • Held at ARANYA RESORT, SHAMEERPET, Hyderabad.
  •  Single Occupancy Deluxe rooms with all necessary  Safety precautions. 
  • Check-in will be done on 22-4-2021 one day prior to enjoy the site seeing of resorts and to make you comfortable and ready for the class from 23-4-2021.


  • 4 Day Accommodation & Food in Single Occupancy Deluxe Room
  • In-depth Knowledge on the Course
  • Professional Vastu kit Includes Lecher Antenna.
  • Study Material and Stationery
  • Certificate
  • Life time Support

 Course Fee and Details : 

Course Fee : 46000/- 

Early Bird Discount : 41000/-

Payment Terms & Conditions :

  1. 50% Amount should be paid While registration .
  2. Rest of the 50% amount should be paid on or before 23-4-2021.
  3. Course Fee Includes 4 Days Resort Food, Accommodation, Professional Vastu Kit.
  4. Non refundable policy* applicable  
  5. Payments Can be done via Online Transfer and all Digital payments accepted.
  6. Google Pay / Phone Pay / Paytm : 7799171747
  7.  Bank details will be shared on request for the Registration.
  8. Terms & Conditions apply

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