Arihanth Rajesh was pursuing his different kind of professional activities initially, but destiny’s call for him was different, when he laid hand on literature of Vastu Shastra which attracted him towards Vastu Shastra.

Before venturing into a river and swim it to the other end, he was ordained and blessed by his Guru to do so.

He has practical multi-disciplinary approach to Vastu. This approach can be used for building by easy methods for perfection of Vastu Energy without making any modification in construction.

He was involved in several business ventures during his Professional tenure but could not get fulfilled success in any way. Growing up in a spiritual household, he was mesmerized by things associated with spirituality and belief, which further provoked him verdict to gain an understanding of how these vedic sciences really affected the world he lives in.

He then started his widespread research on Vastu Shastra and discovered numerous videos of his Guru. He decided to choose vastu as a profession after participating in an enlightening Vastu workshop. After taking up numerous cases to do value addition in the lives of those who wished for it. He found most accuracy in his Vastu consultation after these trainings and corrected the causes of negative influence in lots of buildings with simple Vastu remedies without demolitions and with astonishing results.

Therefore, he decided to take Vastu Shastra to every home in the country to ensure that people live in Good Health, Happy and Prosperous Life by availing the benefits of Vastu Shastra. These years full of learning made his realize that his motto in life is to be truly happy and spread happiness along the way. And now started a full time service, and name this service as OPTIONS MART – Vastu Without Demolition.

Our home defines us. It is in these enclosed walls, that we dream and aspire for a greater future. It is here where we give and receive love which nurtures our body, mind and soul. This is where our personality is formed, our character is built and attitude is developed. Purpose of following the discipline of OPTIONS MART is to activate divinity of an enclosed space called Vastu Purusha who bestows health, wealth, peace and happiness, leading to Vastu Dosha otherwise. Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are a result of imbalances in respective directions caused by the placement of objects, appliances and colors in inappropriate directions. years of Intensive research done by Mr. Rajesh Kumar. gives understanding of powers of 16 directions and different characteristics of each direction e.g. Spirituality , Health, Happiness, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Expanses, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc. Utilizing powers of 16 directions is what OPTIONS MART is all about.


Office is Primarily constructed to get over-all success and good profit thereby maintaining & controlling staff properly. Vastu complaint office renders everything in positive way keeping the flow of wealth in good position and help making a business successful.

It will not be enough if the residence alone is built according to Vaastu. Vastu for office which is also equally important, should not only be scientifically suitable but also the furniture arrangement, the direction that boss or employees facing while sitting or seating are also equally important.

We often see people sometimes venturing into business without consulting regarding plot and direction important for every business. Vastu office maintains the economic growth,tackles staff,helps make the environment serene and positive and clears the obstacle coming in the business.